What is the Victoria ISD Education Foundation?

The VISD Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves as a link between the school district and our community. Led by a volunteer board of directors, the Foundation raises monies to fund projects that exceed state mandates to provide learning experiences that motivate our students and further their education. The mission of the Foundation is to generate and distribute resources to VISD that enrich teaching, inspire learning and enhance opportunities for students to become contributing members of our society.

The Foundation does not replace lost state funding or take the place of the district’s operating budget. Still, it does provide monies for those projects and activities that go beyond the typical classroom experience. As a result, every one of VISD’s campuses has received money from the Foundation.


What is our impact?

Annually, we impact between 5,000 and 10,000 students through hands-on, STEAM (science, technology, art, engineering, and math) project-based learning through our Grants for Great Ideas initiative and support dual credit scholarships and senior scholarships to students in Victoria ISD. Our bottom line seeks to advance the career trajectory of students in a district in which 69% are categorized as economically disadvantaged (Title I data, 2022-2023).

Total funding for programs to date exceeds $950,000, impacting over 100,000 students.

For more information or to partner with us, call 361.788.9271 x 40624 / email [email protected].

Grants for Great Ideas – Dual Credit – Senior Scholarships & More


What do you envision for your students? Do you see them working on innovative new projects or activities? Building better skills with exciting tools or materials?



The VISD Education Foundation offers a multitude of scholarships to help pay for college. Find a scholarship that is perfect for you from our list and apply online today!



Our funding priorities include innovative teaching grants, technology, staff development, student and teacher recognition programs and a permanent endowment fund.